Music Thank You

I originally thought I would create and maintain a blog about management and more specifically, IT management. I believe I have some ideas and processes that are unique in their effectiveness and I have used them to achieve fantastic results. I’m not sure I can impart this wisdom via the format of a blog – yet. On the other hand, every time I think about processes, science, computing, politics, economics and science, I think about music. This, my first music post, is a thank you note.

I have always loved music. Going back to my childhood listening to my father’s car radio tuned to CKLW, the ‘Big 8’ on the AM dial playing Motown music, my teen years listening to Alice Cooper and Elton John or later listening to Electric Light Orchestra, Supertramp, Rush, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Genesis, Foreigner, Max Webster, Oleta Adams, Aerosmith, Jeff Beck, Chantal Kreviazuk, The Who, Steely Dan, Queen, ZZ Top, Echo & The Bunnymen, Alan Parsons Project, Mike Oldfield, Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Tool, U2, Roxy Music and hundreds more.

I have been the beneficiary of the effort of thousands of artists with talent so profound and refined that they have been able to reach deep into the depths of my cranial pleasure centers, my emotional cortex and cognitive synapses, and grab hold of them to massage, cajole, kick and/or hug, blanket, and otherwise command their attention.

To those artists I say ‘Thank You’. You are amazing. I think about how incomprehensible the wealth of works of art available to us in the form of music is. Just when your mental catalog thinks it is complete, you are exposed or remember another great piece. And you know you haven’t heard everything there is to hear. Thank you to all the great artists who produced those great sounds.

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