My Favourite Album

I don’t like to choose favourites. I may have a fav-du-jour but there’s just too much great stuff out there to say any one thing is my favourite. I don’t have a favourite album but simply by number of plays and what first jumps to mind when I think of what I like best, Supertramp’s “Crime of the Century” is it.

What a fantastic piece of work. Supertramp got some nominal airplay in Detroit when I was young.  Unfortunately, their market explosion was for the commercially accessible but relatively forgetful “Breakfast in America”. I had no idea how deep the rest of their works were until I escaped the lock of American radio and moved deeper into Canadian territory at Waterloo near Toronto.  I had been aware that “Crime of the Century” was the best selling record in Canadian history but had no idea why.  I can still hear Supertramp echoing in the halls of West A, Village 2 at Waterloo.  What an explosion of fantastic music I was exposed to.  Still, to this day when I crave an auditory fix, it is Supertramp’s Crime of the Century that does it for me.

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