LinkedIn Prospectors


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CIOs get calls.  CIOs get a lot of calls and a lot of emails and now a lot of LinkedIn connection requests.

I have noted the importance of a good client/vendor relationship in the past.  I value a good vendor partnership.  I also have a good amount of respect for people in the sales business.  I remember what it was like when I was in business for myself.  Prospecting was my least favourite thing to do and I avoided it.  It wasn’t for me.

What has happened with LinkedIn has transformed it from what it once was, a platform for professionals to network and communicate, to a prospecting platform for sales. I have come to expect that any connection I accept from someone I don’t know will be immediately followed up with a sales pitch.  It is true this only becomes unmanageable to open networkers.  If you only accept connections from people you know, this doesn’t become a problem.  This is why I have sharply reduced my acceptance rate.  While I once enjoyed connecting with professionals in various fields, that party is over.

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